Alex Norris (Thales) has been our main industry contact throughout the project, and never hesitates to lend a hand! Here he is giving the team a masterclass on Systems Engineering, which was very interesting and well presented. Afterward, he led a workshop focused on setting design requirements which involved everyone in the team- it was a huge help! Thanks Alex for your ongoing involvement!


Aaron Taking a Test Drive 

Aaron Di Noia (Thales) jumped at the opportunity for a test drive of our WAM-V, it was a fantastic day to show off the dynamics of our setup and get our amazing sponsors hands on with the hardware!

Alex Leading a Design Workshop

A lot of butchers paper was decorated in the process of fleshing out subsystem design requirements! 

ACFR and Thales Representatives 

Dave Henderson (ACFR), Aaron Di Noya, Anika Wenceslao and Matt D'Souza (Thales) enjoying a day on the water (well, sort of) demonstrating the WAM-Vs capabilities 

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